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Disclaimer- The information provided here is for educational purposes, I am not a medical professional nor a genetics professional. While I can describe some of the things I have learned and researched, each individual is different and what worked for me may not work for you.

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Exploring genetics can lead naturally into genealogy and has revealed my family history which I knew very little about. Little did I know that my family was so interesting as we come from humble means, all I knew about was my maternal Grandmother's side. What I uncovered so far has helped me understand the influence of genetics that have shaped my life. Some of the main family lines that will be explored are the Sizemore, LaForce/LeForce, Edelen/Edlin, Greathouse and Cotrell and Adams families, along with any other interesting information that is gleaned. My cousins have a lot of information on these families already posted and I will provide links to their sites when they are found.

I will post articles that I find on GenealogyBank.com. Due to copyright laws, I am unable to post the original copy but they do allow paraphrasing, so that is what you will see.


The interest in genetics evolved after determining that most medical professionals could not help me with some mysterious health problems. I didn't want to go there or spend time learning about genetics but I did and will share some of what I have learned. I am writing an article on exploring your genome and how to find that needle in a haystack, or at least narrow it down a little faster.

I will at time repeat some of the information on some pages because a visitor may come in through another page and it is important enough to do so.


This is where I solved most of my problems, it is an up and coming new field regarding the effects of diet and nutrition on genetic mutations and how that affects the gene's ability to work, or express as it is called. There are several metabolic disorders related to it. For an introduction to it see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nutrigenomics

Here is a list of related disorders: https://ghr.nlm.nih.gov/condition

Most disorders that fall in this category can be corrected, or at least partially reduce in severity, by using high doses of vitamins or sometimes abstaining. Also, some may require eating extra protein or reducing it. Some affect fatty acid metabolism which can be influence by either adding something like Omega 3's with DHA or reducing fatty foods. Others involve staying away from certain amino acids. Some might be corrected by adding supplements like Carnitine. There are also ones that involve abberations in mineral metabolism.

Again, I will mention that the more serious versions of these genetic mutations will show up at a younger age and some have truly detrimental effects.