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Disclaimer- The information provided here is for educational purposes, I am not a medical professional nor a genetics professional. While I can describe some of the things I have learned and researched, each individual is different and what worked for me may not work for you.

23 and Me genetics testing

23andMe: https://www.23andme.com This company has a genetics test for $199.00. 23andMe now has the option for ordering an Ancestry only report for $99.00. Either option still provides access to the raw data. They are not currently providing health reports like they used to but you can get your raw data, save it to your computer and there are a few other places where you can generate reports using that data. They have been cleared by the FDA to report carrier status for certain genetic disorders. If you are looking for pathogenic (bad) SNP's be aware that they only test about one tenth of these. Still a lot of information can be found. For other reports click here.

They are still providing ancestry information with a list of the 1000 relatives genetically linked to you. You are able to send invitations to other cousins to share either ancestry or health information (health for those that had it before the cut off of health reports).