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Disclaimer- The information provided here is for educational purposes, I am not a medical professional nor a genetics professional. While I can describe some of the things I have learned and researched, each individual is different and what worked for me may not work for you.


Wondering about family history got me started on a journey of discovery that uncovered many surprises, with a few twist and turns. I thought I would post some of the information I am uncovering about long distant relatives. Much about these families has already been posted by others so I will not attempt to re-invent the wheel here as they have valuable information.

See Resources below for more genealogical information.

For my cousins out there, if you have information regarding these families and it is not posted somewhere else on the web, I will consider posting it. I am looking for family stories or proofs of lineage.

Just in case you have not found the related websites yet, some links to their sites will be posted.

Distant Ancestors: http://www.geneajourney.com/welcome.html#top or http://www.geneajourney.com/overton.html#top this site has some well researched lineages that go back to early American and European times. Dig around, there is a wealth of information. Thanks to whomever put this site together. I found it while looking at the Overton lineage.

Sizemore family

What an interesting family, I knew all about them before I ever found them on my family tree as they were all over my genetics test from 23andMe.com, listed as relatives. There is some good information on the web but it is mixed with some family lore, so keep that in mind. I am a descendant of Edward Sizemore "Old Ned", George Sizemore "Chief of all" and Agnes Cornett Shepard, George "Goldenhawk" Sizemore and Sarah Anderson, Silas Montgomery and Agnes Sizemore and their daughter Catherine Montgomery. This is a huge family as some of these Sizemore men were prolific and had children with multiple women. Some associated last names associated are Bowling, Bolling, Napier, Green. More information.

LaForce/LeForce family

The LaForce family were French Huguenots who came here seeking relief from the persecution going on at the time. Dr. Renald Rene La Force I, arrived before 1694 to find a land deal had gone bad. He finally joined a growing community in Henrico County Virginia. Cousin Dawn LeForce has many bases covered, particularly the LeForces in the Oklahoma and surrounding areas. Dawn LeForce has an amazing family tree constucted with over 90,000 names of relatives on one of her sites. I would encourage you to visit her main site. More information.

Adams family

The James C. Adams and Asemiah Gertrude Maffet family is believed to come from York, PA. In the 1850 census at age 33, he is found living in Columbiana county, Ohio, living with his young family. Children are listed as Calvin S. Adams, age 7, Martha Adams, age 5 and Allen D. Adams at age 2. James worked as a carpenter and may have been following the opening frontier with ample opportunities for work. His wife, first listed as Asani was said to be full blood Delaware. More information.

Edelen / Edlin Family
This family comes from England but sometime in the late 1600’s Richard Edelen immigrated to the Colonies in America and established a lineage which most if not all Edelen’s / Edlin’s are descended from. This is my paternal grandmother’s line. Her name was Ruth Marsella Edlin, from the Kentucky Edlin’s. The Coat of Arms to the left on the Edelen/Edlin page is one of my own design, done with the elements as provided by Crolian Edelen. I may register it sometime but as of now it is not registered. I tried to keep to the spirit of heraldic design, it was a fun project which I did while un-plugged on a camping trip, sitting in the shade with a soft breeze and just a protractor, compass, colored pencils, a ruler and a french curve. It was much easier to make in Illustrator after all the measuring was done. More information.

Hoover - Horn - Scott Family

These relatives on my fathers side hail from Germany, Ohio, Virginia and Kentucky.

I am a descendant of Aaron Horn Sr. from Germany 1740-1778 and Elizabeth Barker 1740-1778, their son William Horn I 1765-1842 and Susannah Hall 1766-1855, their son Charles Horn 1800-1850 and Nancy Elizabeth Wells 1806-1890 and their daughter Emaline Horn born 1837, death unknown, and James J. Hoover born 1824, death unknown. Aaron Horn moved here from Germany and they landed in Kentucky, primarily Estill, Kentucky. More information.