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Disclaimer- The information provided here is for educational purposes, I am not a medical professional nor a genetics professional. While I can describe some of the things I have learned and researched, each individual is different and what worked for me may not work for you.

Adams family

James C. Adams, born 1817, is believed to come from York, PA. In the 1850 census at age 33, he is found living in Columbiana county, Ohio, living with his young family. Children are listed as Calvin S. Adams, age 7, Martha Adams, age 5 and Allen D. Adams at age 2. James worked as a carpenter and may have been following the opening frontier with ample opportunities for work. His wife, first listed as Asani, born 3 May 1822, was said to be full blood Delaware. I have this photo of her with a Asani AdamsNative American woven blanket type shawl over her shoulders. I am not so certain that she was full blood but could very well have been Native American. On the next few census she is listed as Hannah, AllGeen but her name was Asemiah Gertrude Maffet. Asemiah was from York County, Pennsylvania. I found her entire family listed in a book on York County and have extracted the pages where they are listed as the book is rather large to download the entire thing. Asemiah's family is here. The original source book pages 444-446 (203 mbs) is here as well as other information on York County, PA found here. She died 13 April, 1872 and is buried in Lisbon, Ohio, next to her 3 young infants that did not make it. I put together additional information on the Maffet Family of York, Pennsylvania with Asemiah's obiturary listings and a colorized reconstruction of the black and white photo, found here.

Next we find them in the 1860 Census living in New Lisbon, OH with a new child, Clara S. Adams. In the 1870 Census, they have moved to Miami County, Indiana and James is now a farmer and the older children have moved out. James is buried in the Peoria Cemetery south of Peru, Indiana. They would have lived at the same period of time as the famous “ Lost Sister” Frances Slocum.¬†They would also have lived very near the neighborhood that Francis lived in.¬†This was during the time of the Indian removal from Indiana.

Our family is descended from James C. Adams, his wife Asemiah G. Maffet and his son Calvin S. Adams, born 1843, and we first find Calvin in 1870 working in a saw mill. His wife is Sarah E. Greathouse, born 1846 and lived in Miami County, IN. He had 2 daughters Lottie and Sarah and served in the Civil War. In the 1880 Census they have another child, Harry C. Adams but Calvin is not listed. Also listed is a border, Wesley Spurgeon, whom Sarah subsequently ends up marrying. Calvin is buried in a cemetery west of Santa Fe, IN near Pipe Creek. Sarah is buried in the cemetery behind the community building in Star City, Indiana.

Harry C. Adams lived from 1872 - 1955, he married Olive B. Boyer in 1894 in Miami County, IN. They had one son, Cassius Elmer Adams, born 1895, he lived until 1947. I think Olive must have died young, sometime between 1894 and 1897 because Harry C. Adams gets re-married to Bertha May Robertson in 1897. Harry and Bertha had Lillie, Elston, Hellene and twins Carmine and Corrine Adams. There seems to be no more information as to what happened to Olive. Harry C. Adams owned a blacksmith shop in Star City, IN when he was young. He drove an old Model T car with a rumble seat and always had candy at the ready in the glove box, for the grandchildren. He ate peas off of his knife and drank coffee from the saucer. He lived in Milwaukee, WI for a while. He died in Tampa, Florida where he had retired.

Cassius Elmer Adams married Grace Opal Ren, Grace is in the photo on the left. They lived in Pulaski County, north of Winamac, IN, in what is now Tippecanoe State Park. Cassius and Opal had daughters Hazel, Betty, Agnes, Elma and a son James. Cassius lived from 1895 to 1947. Grace Opal Ren lived from 1901 to 1965. They also had 2 other sons that died at an early age, one from infantile paralysis. Cassius was a carpenter by trade, helping to build the shelter building in the State Park and the Pulaski County court house in Winamac, IN. He served in WWI. When still a young father he began having spells that made him appear drunk or crazy, he was admitted to the state hospital called Long Cliff and during times when he felt better, he worked around the hospital doing construction projects. At this time Opal and Cassius were either divorced or separated as she and the kids were under the guardianship of the local sheriff. At this time women could not have guardianship. Cassius was working on a construction project at the hospital when he fell from some scaffolding and injured his leg. His leg became gangrenous and needed amputated but his eldest daughter Hazel could notUrben Brewer Ren and Sarah Blaze bring herself to give permission for the operation and the duty fell to Betty. She gave permission for the operation but Cassius died either during the surgery or shortly after. Upon autopsy it was determined that he had some type of blood clotting disorder as all the major organs had blood clots, this was the likely culprit that caused his "spells". Grace Opal Ren and her parents, Urban Brewer Ren and Sarah Adaleine Blaze lived with the children in Brazil, IN. Sarah Blaze is descended from the LaForce family line. The photo on the right is Urb and Sarah "Sally" with some unknown younger person.

A bit more on the Wren/Ren family history, I found this document on Rootsweb from Ancestry.com describing the exploits of Sheriff Louis Craig Ren, the brother of John C. Ren and son of Shadrach Wren and Nancy Aley. It also explains the slight name change. John C. Ren was the father of Urban Brewer Ren, so Louis C. Ren would have been an uncle to Urb. http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~neyork2/book1899/Ren524.htm